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[darling contains lead what to eat high to discharge lead] how does _ baby _ eat –

Article introduction

Environmental pollutionShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai nobleIn bringing about our located at ordinary times environment, air pollution is very serious, if be in a such environment for a long time in, bring about lead poisoning very easily, in daily life, of darling healthy the heart that affecting every parent, if appear the word of lead poisoning, it is the intelligence of child of can serious effect, those who endanger the child is healthy, serious likelihood still can bring about the child to become gawkish.

Darling contains lead what to eat high to discharge lead

What does darling contain lead to eat high to discharge lead?

Milk products or soya-bean milk

Calcic content is very high in milk, the protein that contains in milk at the same time can combine the compound of unripe Cheng Kerong with the lead that exists inside body, conduce to reduce lead inside human body long-term ” stop illegally ” , and the absorption that proper and drinkable soya-bean milk also can reduce lead through high grade protein.

Sea product

The small microelement content such as the iron in sea product, iodine is more, the material such as the algal acid that contains in the sea product such as Chinese cabbage of laver, kelp, sea, kelp can promote plumbic eduction effectively.

Blood makes provision

Hematic products is ” the treasury of iron ” , the union of iron and blood red element is helpful for restraining the absorption to lead, because this can give the child complement appropriately,the blood such as[……]

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[how does agnail of finger of _ of child finger agnail do] –

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Child handNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the cityLong agnail is very common phenomenon at ordinary times on, causing the reason that agnail grows on child hand is very much, after children grew agnail on not sensible hand, always like to use hand cut, long agnail can make darling uncomfortable on darling hand, time became long the habit that can bring about darling nurturance to fiddle with to prick, after agnail growing on darling hand actually, the parent had better be to take seriously rise, take darling in time to check.

 Child hand points to agnail

How is child finger agnail to return a responsibility?

One: Dabble taking a hand is sent the skin is dry

A reason with long main agnail is, skin of child hand ministry is too dry, corneous layer appeared crackle. If Mom of treasure pa treasure compare attentive word, can discover little baby often that finger of absorb grows agnail easily. The child if often the word of dabble, grow agnail easily also. So, treasure Mom fasten those who make darling too frequent to take a hand certainly, want to limit the time of child dabble.

2: Be short of vitamin C

Agnail grows on child hand, the meeting after period of time cicatrizations gradually. If very long period of time went, agnail has not disappeared, be C of vitamin of the lack inside child body likely very so. Treasure Mom want to notice, make the child much eat some of vegetables and fruits, compensatory vitamin. Also should make the child bal[……]

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[septicemia diagnoses a standard] _ diagnoses _ how to diagnose –

Article introduction

Everybody knows septicemia this kind of disease, its harm sex is bigger, have a lot of people so when treating this kind of disease, can adopt a few more advanced treatment methods, Love Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seaAnd be being diagnosed to come out meet after septicemia immediately hospitalization, because he belongs to the disease of respect of our blood system, cannot ignore quite so, so what is the diagnostic level that got septicemia?

 Septicemia diagnoses a standard

Septicemia is diagnosed basically rely on clinical expression and auxiliary examination to come diagnose. Clinical expression basically has be agitated of high fever, spirit or spirit is dispirited, local ache, icteric, liver can appear below some circumstances lienal wait for a circumstance greatly. Auxiliary examination includes convention of hematic education, blood to wait a moment. Among them hematic education is standard of a gold, if be in the blood inside patient system, if fish have some kind of bacterium growing, that can be judged for septicemia. Because be inside the blood below normal circumstance,should not have bacterium of cause of disease grow. Blood is an aseptic environment, the diagnosis of septicemia still can combine the examination such as hematic convention to help examine besides education of clinical expression, bloodBaby of new Shanghai noble1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendForum Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaBreak.

 Septicemia diagnoses a standard

The diagnostic standard of septicemia:

1, have a fever to having, leucocyte gross an[……]

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[lens of the antrum that make a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale wants how long] – grows when _ treats time _ to diagnose

Article introduction

The invention of palace antrum lens offerred a welfare for broad female friends, because palace antrum lens can use endoscope,effective observation arrives the corresponding pathological changes of female uterus interior changes. More important is palace antrum lens it is one kind detects not only the means of the disease, still be one kind can achieve the kind that treats certain uterus disease. Cong Mou is planted will see palace antrum lens be a kind of department of gynaecology on degree small start an operation, and need probably when making palace antrum looking glass muchLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Love Shanghai is the same as city forumLong?

 Lens of the antrum that make a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale wants how long

Above all, time plans before art. The main time of operation of palace antrum lens, use up the field prepares before art. Before becoming operation of palace antrum lens e.g. the female, affirmation should determine the position of uterine pathological changes first, serious degree, next gift is nice make plan of operation of palace antrum lens. Do not meet because of time of pure operation of palace antrum lens too long, also control with respect to 9 hours at most, won’t exceed half hour normally, compared with conventional surgery for, the time of operation of palace antrum lens wants a lot of shorter. But all these premise is to be based on the preparation before the method with standard essence to fall, if do not have the preparation before doing good method, so palace antrum lens can produce operation accident likely[……]

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[run sudden death of 1000 meters of meetings] – of inducement of _ origin _

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Shanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble baby
What understand some person ran to run through a few ways via regular meeting is too long meeting occurrence sudden death, this still should treat everybody body circumstance, when the person is doing the exercise of long-distance running, must want to have the examination of the body first, the ability below the condition that allows in the body is OK long-distance running, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiOtherwise if be cannot of long-distance running, 1000 meters long-distance running is the process with very lengthy need, the negative charge that should notice to may be measured because of motion between the process of long-distance running is too big, hereditary disease, the problem of intentional dirty respect and cause sudden death.

Run sudden death of 1000 meters of meetings

The reason of ran sudden death has 3

1, carry dynamic load is big

Below current surroundings, a lot of people do not love to take exercise at ordinary times, and the crowd that long-term lack exercises, once athletic negative charge is too big, exceed limit of susceptive of body physical ability very easily, because this causes sudden death easily.

Below normal circumstance, will weigh athletic negative charge with the heartbeat, and 220 subtractive ages are OK susceptive is the biggest heartbeat.

If maintain all the time between athletic process,exceed the biggest heartbeat even, so very incidental below this kind of circumstance sudden d[……]

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[the metallic powder harm to human body] – of disadvantage of _ influence _

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What is metallic powder to the harm of human body? Remove dust all sorts of metal dust in hop-pocket have a lot of factors that cause disease to human body. The dust of these metals reclaims through dust collection bag, dust collection bag is data of account of a kind of powder, use at produce and removing dust. It is to pass combustion for the most part among them, ore treatment, flue gas, the method such as chemical dust produces. Dust collection bag can gather powder dust only, a lot of metal dust can cause death and chronic disease, and fast and incidence of a disease is high.

The metallic powder harm to human body

The disease that metallic dust place causes and symptom:

1) Beryllium. What virulent poisoning causes is pneumonic, chronic and toxic cause lobar granulation swollen;

2) chromium. Especially 6 price are chromic, cause; of disease of nasal septum perforation

The metallic powder harm to human body

3) carcinogenic substanceA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a cityQualitative. Apparent carcinogen and the material that cause cancer possibly have uranium (lung cancer) , chromate (lung cancer) , carbonyl base nickel Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city Forum of Shanghai night net(Deputy nasal cavity and lung cancer) with arsenic change thing (lung cancer) ;

4) manganese. Virulent poisoning is caused pneumonic, chronic and toxic the disease; that causes the central nervous system such as change of sex of cerebral cell decline

The metallic powder harm to human body

5) zinc. Contact a few hour hind with zincic aerosol, can caus[……]

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[8 weeks fetal have how old] _ pregnant – of weight of 8 weeks of _

Article introduction

Each pregnant periodic pregnant woman ought to go to a hospital undertaking yield check, through producing check OK and effective observation gives fetal growing state, and fetal the issue that whether is put in congenital deformation. Be pregnant 8 weeks are in the inchoate phase that be pregnant, at that time fetal also be in ceaselessForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiGrow, but a period that this period also is opposite danger, need pregnant woman notice particularly. So be pregnant 8 weeks when fetal and specific have how old?

 8 weeks fetal have how old

8 weeks fetal have how old

The 8th week embryo has 20 millimeter to grow about, look resemble a grape. General early pregnant (35-45 day) when do colour to exceed, pregnant when 3 months, understand embryonic development situation, 5 do B to exceed when the month more, understanding is fetal have without deformation, with placental position, 7 decide position of a foetus when the month more, do B to exceed to expected date of childbirth, at this moment OKA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaAccording to amniotic fluid circumstance and placental circumstance, come provisional childbirth means.

8 weeks fetal word, generally speaking, the growth of that darling development state of affairs, every darlingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaWith every baby development different, and still have certain level, say so, 8 weeks word, the picture of darling stingy should have expression to come[……]

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[Li Yougong burns child small hole] how does _ child _ treat –

Article introduction

Generally speaking, only long-term Morpheus is not worth a person and Morpheus quality not beautiful, can form the eye department issue such as black rim of the eye and pouch. Also can conclude from this piece, the appearance that dot puts in these eye department issues is relatively scarce. But also many parents discover, there is little red place to exist in the white part of dot. This kind of eye that little red place also can make the parent exceeding worry is dot appeared what problem, so what is making the reason that dot white place grows little red place specific?

 The child has red place in the eye

Child eyeball has red dot how to do

1, supercilious look ball has red dot to consider to haemorrhage is nodded, the likelihood is overworked, with the eye excessive or knead causes. The proposal notices to rest, avoid to stay up late, do not relapse with the hand knead, the attention is wholesome, observation of local hot compress looks, when necessary go to a doctor.

2, darling this kind of condition is probable because inflammation of suffer from excessive internal heat stimulates afore-mentioned unwell symptoms that cause,be, the proposal undertakes disease is treated actively is opposite. The proposal gives Bao of head of darling profess to convinced actively the gram hm bead of grain, clear hot Ning Ke has treatment, at the same time fluid of eye of drop of element of Lin Ke mildew has proper eye ministry land remedial effect will be better, periodLove Shanghai is oppos[……]

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